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Elected & Appointed Officers  -  2016

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USCG Auxiliary
America's Volunteer Lifesavers

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Elected Officers

Flotilla Commander (FC)  -  Christian Converse
Flotilla Vice Commander (FVC)  -  Marie Squillace 
Immediate Past Flotilla Commander (IPFC)  -  Ron Price

Appointed Officers

Aids to Navigation (NS)  -  Ed Martin, FSO-NS
Communications (CM)  -  Ron Price, FSO-CM
Communications Services (CS)  -  Walt Discenza / Mike Adams FSO-CS
Diversity (DV)  -  Leonard Butler, FSO-DV
Finance (FN)  -  Muriel Garman, FSO-FN
Human Resources (HR)  -  Robert Garman, FSO-HR
Information Systems (IS)  -  Jim Welday, FSO-IS
Materials (MA)  -  David Silberstein, FSO-MA
Marine Safety & Environmental Protection (MS)  -  Wendy Norwitz, FSO-MS
Member Training (MT)  -  Wendy Norwitz, FSO-MT (acting)
Operations (OP)  -  Jim Farrell, FSO-OP
Public Affairs (PA)  -  Joe Anderson, FSO-PA
Publications (PB)  -  Shane Bartus, FSO-PB
Public Education (PE)  -  Adam Yearwood, FSO-PE
Boating Safety Visitation Program (RBSVP)  -  Doug Roberts, FSO-PV
Secretary/Records (SR)  -  Michael Adams, FSO-SR
Vessel Safety Checks (VSC)  -  Dale Cranford, FSO-VE

Special Appointments

Awards Coordinator  -   
Auxillary Unit Coordinator Station Annapolis  -  Jim Farrell
Flag & Uniform  -   
Health & Welfare  -   
Parliamentarian  -   
Readiness Coordinator  -   
Fingerprint Specialist  -  Debbie Cranford

BCQ Mentors

Jim Beyea - Coxswain/Crew
Walt Discenza - Coxswain/Crew
Jim Farrell - Coxswain/Crew
Christian Converse - Crew/Auxpad
Dale Cranford - Crew
Debbie Cranford - Crew
Bob Garman - Crew
Muriel Garman - Crew
Ed Martin - Coxswain/Crew
Art Murray - Coxswain/Crew
Wendy Norwitz - Crew/PWC/Auxpad
Ron Price - Coxswain/Crew/PWC/Auxpad
Doug Robinson - Crew
David Silberstein - Coxswain/Crew
Mike Vandeven - Crew
Jim Welday - Coxswain/Crew/PWC
Adam Yearwood - Crew


Ron Price
Ed Martin

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