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Paddlecraft & Small Boats

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Paddle Sport - Wear Your Lifejacket! Paddle Sport - Canoeing Paddle Sport - Group Whitewater Paddle Sport - Paddle Sports - group white water rafting

Paddle craft & small boat use is a rapidly growing area of recreational boating that can be extremely dangerous without proper preparation, equipment & training

PaddleSmart Program & Stickers
Free Paddle Craft or Small Boat Vessel Safety Check (VSC)
Boat Smart From The Start - Wear Your Lifejacket, We Do!

Top 10 Safety Tips for Paddlers
Boating Tips for Hunters & Anglers
A Smart Start for Paddlers
Accident Database
Breaking News

Paddlecraft & Small Boat Glossary
Canoes, Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Row Boats, More
Paddle Craft & Small Boat Schools & Trips
Skill Level Classifications

American Canoe Association
Paddle Craft & Small Boat Associations

Paddler Reading Lists & Resources
Captain John Smith National Water Trail
Car Top Boat Site Guide & Fishing Spots

Paddlers getting ready for Niagara

It Won't Work If You Don't Wear IT! Paddle Sport - Woman & Kyak Winter Kayaking Paddle Sport - Paddle Sport - Tubing

Lifejackets Float, You Don't - Wear It, We Do!

Boating Safety - Doing Your Part

Good Boating Practices & Tips

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